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Pandora'Z Box RecordZ

LZKin’ is the co-owner and founder of PandoraZ Box RecordZ.

A king in his family by every right.

Hardworking, loyal till the death, and taking care of his own at all costs.

LZKin’ is coming up from the roughest of the rough in Mexico City, Mexico. He has seen the lowest of the low and he is reaching for the sky.

Like a rocket in the night, the trail he blazes is as bright as the sun. Rapping is his roots. As he branches out in other genres, spittin bars will always be at his core.

LZKin’ does all his products top to bottom from the lyrics to the beat, to the recording to the music video production and streaming. This young blood is hungry, relevant and amazingly talented.

He IS the next BIG THING.

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